Sweet Tooth?
Got a sweet tooth? Do you know somebody else who has cravings for the delectable taste of chocolate? Well, do we have a treat for you, in fact a whole bag full of treats for you? This Retro Chocolate Bar Hamper Gift if crammed full of your favourite chocolate bar goodies.

Good Old Favourites
All your old times favourite choccy bars that have stood the test of time are included in this hamper including Walnut Whips, Picnic Bars and Yorkie Bars. This vast chocolate hamper will keep even the sweetest tooth happy and contented however you will have just one dilemma, what will you sample first? Will you bite into the honeycomb centre of the Crunchie bar; delight your taste buds with an After Eight Munchie bar or pick the walnut off the top of the Walnut whip and dip your tongue in to the smooth vanilla centre before chomping your way through the super thick chocolate casing. Maybe you’ll test drive one of the two double deckers with its crunchy base and soft nougat top, all smothered in chocolate.

Remember Frys Chocolate cream? In this hamper there’s not just one but three bars including Frys Mint Cream, Frys Orange Cream and a bar of Frys Spearmint Cream. We all know chocolate is a great compliment to orange and mint and you’ll get to taste these sensational combinations if you purchase this chocolate bar hamper.

What does this scenario conjure up in your mind? A stunningly gorgeous lady walks along an idyllic beach wearing a flowing chiffon summer dress seductively eating a chocolate bar? That’s right, the Flake adverts, every woman wanted to be her and every man wanted to date her. How is this relevant? You could recreate this ad with not one but two Flake Bars with the Retro Chocolate Bar Hamper. So maybe you won’t be walking on a Caribbean beach, more like the east coast of the UK, but the chocolate will still taste wonderful.

 The Retro Chocolate Bar Hamper would make a fantastic gift for anyone who has a craving for the sweet stuff in life, including yourself, so why not treat the chocoholic in your life or spoil yourself.



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