‘Thorntons Continental Chocolates’, the mere sound of those three words are enough to get your taste buds jumping for joy and your physical and mental cravings spiralling out of control. This scrumptious box of Thorntons Continental Chocolates is presented in a stunning tiered box and is crammed to the brim with eighty of Thorntons exquisite chocs.

Thorntons chocolatiers lovingly manufacture their delectable chocolates from only the finest quality products which are then delivered direct to your door. With twenty different varieties in each box, you will be spoilt for choice.

The original continental collection which was produced fifty years ago by Walter Willen, was inspirational in the making of this superb chocolate box. Pralines, Truffles and Mousses are all included, as are a variety of milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate covered fillings. There’s something for everyone contained in this box, so it won’t be a problem sharing, if you can bear to give any away.

Here are some of the delicious chocolates will you find in Thorntons luxurious boxes?

Brandy Truffle - French cognac brandy, cream and chocolate combined together.
Cappuccino - Made from brewed coffee which is whipped into a light mousse and covered in white chocolate then sprinkled with chocolate powder
Diplomat - Milk chocolate covering Italian hazelnuts and roasted almonds.
Champagne Truffle - A combination of fresh cream, chocolate infused with Champagne.
Caramel Truffle - soft caramel smothered by a luxury caramel truffle.
Sicilian Lemon Mousse - A zesty mousse made from double cream and lemon purée.
Apricot Parfait - Apricots, dark chocolate and almonds roast until they are golden brown.
Hazelnut Slice - Roasted and chopped Italian and Turkish hazelnuts packed into a perfect slice.
Cherry Truffle - Chocolate truffle with lashings of Kirsch topped with a cherry and dipped in milk chocolate.
Praline with Crepes - A combination of French pancakes chopped with hazelnut praline.
Strawberry Crush - Double Cream and strawberries whipped to create a light mouse.
Amaretto - Amaretto truffle sprinkled with a rosette of hazelnut praline.

You’ll find these and many more wonderful combinations to tantalise you taste buds as never before. A great gift for anyone who believes they are a chocolate connoisseur and who deserves the best chocolates ever created. Why not treat someone today and show just how much they mean to you by sending a beautiful box of Thorntons Continental chocolates. Yummy!



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