These just has to be some of the largest chocolate hampers on the market today. Thorntons have numerous indulgent chocolate hampers including Continental Taste Journey Hamper, Classic Flavours Chocolate Hamper, Milk Chocolate Hamper, Best Sellers Chocolate Hamper and the Family Sharing Chocolate Hampers which all contain chocolate boxes, truffles, fudge and a whole lot more.

If you know someone that is mad for the sweet stuff and lets face it, who isn’t? This would make the idea gift. These super hampers should be given to your recipient with a caution; “Chocolates are good for the soul, chocolates are great on the whole. Eat too many in one go; your tummy is bound to grow”.

What's Included In Thorntons Indulgence Hampers?

The Thorntons Continental Taste Journey Hamper contents include:

  • Continental Alpini Praline Carton (180g)
  • Continental Small Box (142g)
  • Continental Medium Dark Box (284g)
  • Continental Viennese Truffle Carton (145g)
  • Continental Viennese Truffle Bag (105g)
  • Continental Alpini Praline Bag (108g)
  • Continental Sicilian Lemon Bag (108g)
  • Continental Vanille Truffle Bag (103g)
  • Continental Sicilian Lemon Bar (34g) x2
  • The Thorntons Family Sharing Chocolate Hamper contents include:

  • Continental Small Box (142g) x2
  • Dreamy Desserts Box (192g)
  • Classic Collection Box (274g)
  • Dark Chocolate Classic Collection Box (274g)
  • Continental Vanille Truffle Bag (103g)
  • Continental Viennese Truffle Bag (105g)
  • Milk Chocolate Smiles Bag (154g)
  • White Chocolate Smiles Bag (154g)
  • Smiles Milk Chocolate Coins (50g) x2
  • Original Special Toffee Box (525g)
  • Vanilla Fudge Gift Box (350g)
  • Milk Chocolate Smiles Lolly (25g) x4

  • These are probably the most indulgent chocolate hampers you will come across and it’s sure to suppress the cravings of even the most hardened chocoholic. The hampers are presented to you or your chose recipient in a stunning chocolate brown box. Thorntons also offer a named or next day delivery.



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